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Facebook Introduces Reels A/B Testing Tool for Creators


Facebook has unveiled several new features designed to help creators enhance their content performance on the platform.

These updates are part of Facebook’s professional dashboard, a comprehensive resource hub for creators, the social media platform’s parent company, Meta, said in a Thursday (Nov. 2) blog post.

One of the key updates is the introduction of a Reels A/B testing tool, which allows creators to test different captions and thumbnails for their Reels content on their mobile devices, according to the post. This tool enables creators to gain insights into which variants resonate best with their audience.

Additionally, creators can now easily create Reels using their existing video posts and livestreams, the post said. By selecting content from their existing library within the Reels composer on mobile, creators can repurpose their previous videos and add finishing touches before posting them as Reels on Facebook.

To help creators track their progress and achieve their goals, Facebook has introduced the Achievements hub in the professional dashboard, per the post. This hub consolidates achievements across various categories, including Education, Stars, Reels and Progression, so creators can view all their achievements in one place.

Facebook has also added a new achievement called Reels streaks, which is earned by posting Reels on a weekly basis, according to the blog post. The platform is also testing rewards for reaching different milestones, such as increased visibility in the News Feed or the Rising Creator label featured on their page or profile.

Furthermore, Facebook has added a content management tool to the professional dashboard, allowing creators to manage all their posts, Reels and videos in one place, the post said. This tool enables creators to view individual posts, take actions like hiding them from their profile or pages, and access performance insights.

In terms of insights, Facebook has enhanced the professional dashboard by providing creators with more powerful analytics, per the post. Whether creators create content directly on Facebook or cross-post from Instagram, Insights in the professional dashboard offer information to analyze performance and create content that resonates with their audience.

Finally, to assist creators in finding answers and troubleshooting, Facebook has launched search and shortcuts in the Creator Support Hub within the professional dashboard on mobile, the post said. The search function provides relevant Help Center articles to address creators’ questions, eliminating the need for extensive scrolling through articles.

The launch of these features comes about a month after Meta began its rollout of generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features in its Ads Manager, saying these tools aim to help advertisers create and optimize their ad campaigns. These new features are designed to help marketers launch and test ad creatives faster and reach their target audiences more effectively.