Philz Coffee Launches Order-Ahead App

Courtesy of Philz

Philz Coffee just made getting the perfect cup of joe easier with the launch of a new order-ahead mobile app.

According to news from TechCrunch, when consumers open the app, they will see a carousel of coffee options to order ahead, including their most recent order and some of the chain’s most popular coffee choices. Orders can be customized just as they would in the store, and there is even a picture of the barista working on the coffee.

“We’re gonna be able to customize the experience and make sure that they were able to personalize it a little bit more,” said Philz Coffee CEO Jacob Jaber. “You might be one of our customers that comes on the weekends when you have time with families and friends to hang out. But on the weekdays when you’re at work, you’re gonna order via the app. It’s about customers being able to choose the experience. We want to figure out— how do we create a multitude of experiences that serve the customer in the best possible way? These days, you can get coffee from anywhere; I believe people should have Philz every single day … it’s a delightful experience, and it’s super easy.”

The app is now working across all Philz locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Jaber added that he wants the app to mimic the feeling consumers would get from ordering directly at a Philz location.

“We’re not co-mingling experiences and diluting each one,” Jaber said. “There’s nothing changing about the Philz experience in the store; there’s only a better mobile experience. It’s not like we’re diluting the in-store experience versus the mobile. We’re very conscious about that choice. We can probably get more efficiency, but there are different experiences.”