Toyota, Lexus App Walks Drivers Through Post-Collision Process

Toyota Collision Assistance

Toyota and Lexus drivers now have access to an app that will walk them through what to do if they get in a collision. After the driver has confirmed they are safe, the feature prompts them through the entire process. If they choose, it also streamlines the submission of information to insurance companies and repair shops. 

“The primary benefit of Collision Assistance is to put the vehicle owner at ease during a time of uncertainty and confusion via a convenient Safety Connect mobile app feature,” Tyler Brown, senior manager of connected strategy at Toyota Motor North America, told PYMNTS in an email interview. 

Collision Assistance is a new feature added in August to Safety Connect, which is one of five connected services available to drivers within the Toyota and Lexus mobile apps. Since their launch in 2019, these apps have been downloaded more than 4.5 million times. They’re available for iPhone or Android smartphones. 

Handling the Post-Collision Process 

Like other connected services, Safety Connect is offered based on vehicle eligibility. It is available to owners of select 2018 model year or newer Toyota and Lexus vehicles who have an active subscription or are within the trial period. 

Following a collision, the app guides the driver to collect accident documentation. During the post-collision documentation process, it pre-populates the year, make, model and VIN; enables the driver to specify which parts of the car were impacted; instructs them to take photos; and collects a description of what happened at the time of the accident. 

Next, the app connects the driver to a network of auto insurers for optional claim submission. If the driver chooses, Toyota transmits accident and vehicle telematics data to streamline the submission of an accident report to an insurance carrier. 

“Collision Assistance is designed to let the vehicle owner choose how to handle the post-collision process,” Brown explained. “Should the vehicle owner elect to submit a claim to the insurance carrier, the full accident report is available for them to review and edit prior to sending it to their respective carrier.” 

Providing Guidance on Vehicle Repair

The report contains vehicle owner information such as name, address, phone number and email address; accident information such as location, date and time, point of impact and photos; and vehicle information such as odometer reading, year, make and model. “This supports the expedited processing of the claims submission to the insurance carrier,” Brown said. 

Collision Assistance also provides search capabilities to help locate a Toyota or Lexus authorized and certified collision repair facility to expedite the repair. It identifies nearby facilities and provides information about the locations and the services offered. 

“In addition, Collision Assistance provides the preferred dealership contact information should the vehicle owner want to seek their guidance on the repair of their vehicle,” Brown noted.

Delivering Connected Services to Customers 

In addition to Safety Connect, the other connected services offered to Toyota and Lexus owners include Remote Connect, which allows drivers to start the vehicle and lock and unlock doors using a smart device; Service Connect, which provides personalized maintenance updates and vehicle health reports; Destination Assist, which provides live agent assistance to locate a destination; and Wi-Fi Connect, which turns the vehicle into a hot spot with 4G connectivity. 

“[Collision Assistance] offers an intuitively designed app that provides comprehensive post-collision guidance during a stressful time,” Brown concluded. “We are proud to offer this solution to customers of both Toyota and Lexus.”