Netflix and YouTube Tied Atop Provide Ranking of Streaming Apps

The masters of entertainment are out in force and making moves. One look at the PYMNTS Provide Ranking of Streaming Apps reveals all one needs to know about the gyrations of the music and video apps we can’t get enough of.

This latest monthly update shows a lot of action, much like a Marvel film, so pay attention.

The Top 5

Still tied for No. 1, we have Netflix and YouTube.

A three-way tie for No. 2 pits Disney+ (already so ranked) against gainers Amazon Prime Video which leaps up three chart positions, and Spotify, rising one spot.

The Pluto TV app blasts off to gain one spot and land at No. 3.

Another photo-finish horserace at No. 4 as the CBS app rises two chart positions and Hulu jumps up three chart positions and into the Top 5.

Gainers, gainers everywhere as Amazon Music rises two spots to enter the Top 5 at No. 5.

The Top 10

Did we mention all the gainers? Here’s another: the Twitch app is up two spots to take No. 6.

And now for another tied score, this time at No. 7, for which Apple Music rose three spots and the Plex app rose one.

The iHeart app stands alone at No. 8.

Now for some newcomers. At No. 9 and coming out of the blue it’s the Deezer app for music and podcasts.

Taking us out it’s FuboTV entering the Top 10 at No. 10.

As the guy from Gladiator once asked: “Are you not entertained?”