Provider Ranking of Travel Apps Proves That We’re Traveling Again

travel apps

Let’s get a move on. Seriously. Thanks to the Provider Ranking of Travel Apps that’s easy to say and do, so there’s no excuse. Fiji here we come.

The Top 5

Big three-way tie at the tip-top as Airbnb, and Hopper all share No. 1. That’s a gain of two chart positions for Hopper so, obviously, nice hopping.

Vrbo enjoys the view at No. 2 for another cycle.

More tied scores in the Top 5 as and Skyscanner are locked together at No. 3.

Moving on up two chart positions is at No. 4.

Also up and into the Top 5 at No. 5 it’s the nice people at KAYAK.

The Top 10

Giving us the owl-eye at No. 6 is TripAdvisor, advising on trips. It’s in the name. C’mon. Incidentally, that’s a rise of three chart positions from last month. Talk about cleared for takeoff.

PriorityPass is a very cool way to enjoy over 1,300 airport lounges, so the app downloaders voted it up one chart position to No. 7.

Real-time flight tracking app FlightAware grabs No. 8.

Another three-way tie, this time at No. 9, finds AllTrails, and Viator Tours all competing for your booking. Sort of. They’re all kind of different segments.

Couchsurfing Travel App is new to the Top 10 at No. 10.

Maybe less couch and more surfing next time.