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mPOS Tracker: Have mPOS Solutions Become Standard Fare For Restaurants?

Many restaurant owners started their own dining establishments because of their love of food, cooking and creativity. But is this drive to open a restaurant enough to keep the business open? That’s a question that eats at many restaurant owners. The January mPOS Tracker™ highlights several developments in mPOS technology aimed at helping restaurants provide better management services to their customers and staff.

Fortunately, for restaurant owners, new technological solutions to restaurant management issues are becoming more prevalent. The past month saw several notable developments in the mPOS landscape that were geared toward restaurants and food services. Companies are introducing new solutions that offer restaurant owners easier ways to manage their inventories and staff, as well as new options for customers to pay their bills.

News highlights from around the mPOS ecosystem

Several companies recently rolled out products aimed at improving restaurant services for both customers and back-office management. Benseron Hospitality debuted a new cloud-based iPad POS system that can work with a restaurant’s IoT devices, including thermostats and security cameras. A recent software upgrade from Thr!ve POS allows restaurants to monitor inventory and customize delivery times and pricing options.

Offering customers easier ways to split their checks is another benefit increasingly available at restaurants. IPad POS technology provider TouchBistro won a patent for its bill-splitting feature that allows servers to divide tabs among a group so that customers pay for what they ordered and are taxed appropriately. Meanwhile, Australia and New Zealand-based financial firm ANZ is working with outside vendors to offer bill-splitting services and more features for its customers.

Adding technology to the menu

Getting restaurants out of their comfort zones in terms of technology has not always been an easy effort. However, facing increased labor costs and more affordability among mPOS systems, some restaurant owners are taking another look at how technology can help their business.

For the January edition of the mPOS Tracker™, PYMNTS spoke with Mani Kulasooriya, CEO of CAKE, a provider of restaurant management systems and POS solutions, about why some restaurant owners are hesitant to embrace technology and the benefits it can provide.

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