Mobile 401 (elective. Mobile 205 plus any one of the Cloud Payments 300 series prerequisites): Optimized Value for Remote Telephony

In this course we will explore potential applications of mobile payments value that optimize the intersection of cloud-based payments processing and remote communications by playing to the strengths of each. Students may choose a lab section from among the following options: a) loyalty and location-based services, b) mobile marketing services and proving advertising ROI, c) alias engines and remote transaction ignition.

Mobile 401  Lesson 1: Landscape


For our penultimate course, we will take a final look at the mobile commerce marketplace. Over the course of the past semester, we have reviewed how payments have become more than just the processing of transactions and the movement of money. (Read More)

Mobile 401  Lesson 2: Evolution


So, if all the industries we discussed in our first class this week are headed to a middle place where commerce converges with their evolving business models, what fundamental trends are key to the creation of commerce and innovation opportunities in that white space? (Read More)

Mobile 401  Lesson 3: Implication


So, this week we’ve taken a look at the forces at work to drive commercialization across a constellation of network businesses, all of whom appear to be headed on a collision course for a central space where they plan to create commerce.  (Read More)

Mobile 401  Exam


Why are the ecosystems listed converging on commerce as a major driver of their businesses? These questions and more in this week’s exam.  (Read More)