Lebanese Merchants Promote International eCommerce

Bank Audi launched a new "emall" platform to serve Lebanese merchants as an online shopping tool, reported CPI Financial. Emall aims to bolster the Lebanese economy and unify Lebanese retailers, SMEs and independent merchants into one eCommerce marketplace. Online shoppers in Lebanon and all over the world can make purchases or sales by using this new interactive platform.

Bank Audi hopes emall will further encourage Lebanese companies and individuals to adopt ecommerce sales.

"Considering the role of SMEs in economic growth in terms of retail sales, 'emall’ will contribute to revive the activity of these companies, mainly thanks to the adoption by Lebanese and Arab consumers of the concept of online shopping. By launching this platform, it is a double message that Bank Audi is sending: on the one hand to Lebanese merchants to whom we are saying, 'We export your products worldwide,’ and on the other hand to our clients to whom we say, 'We put the world at your reach," said Randa Bdeir, head of group cards and electronic payment solutions at Bank Audi.

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