Successful Trial Prompts Shopitize To Widen Public Reach

Following three months of successfully delivering trial campaigns to their foundation user group for selected partners, Shopitize has reported back that its application has been a huge success.

Initially aimed at 1,000 savvy shoppers, the Shopitize app’s popularity quickly grew to a final trial user group of over 11,000 registered users. The number of downloads leading to registrations and cashback claims also exceeded expectations, the company claims.

Both brands and consumers have shown great appreciation for the app, Shopitize claims. Brand partners have seen redemption rates for offers average 15% and also reported on the speed and ease of setting campaigns. Shoppers were happy with the speed of payment and with the range of offers, Shopitize found out.

The success of the initial trial has prompted the company to widen their grocery app service to the entire smartphone-owning public. In the coming months, Shopitize will continue to recruit more brand partners to achieve its next target of 100,000 users by May 2013.

In addition to providing brands with new channels to interact with their customers, Shopitize has also provided insight into consumer shopping habits. “The trial has also shown that providing brands with data and analytics on shopper’s behaviour and influences is a must-have service that only Shopitize can deliver. Being able to show in real-time that ‘Dry January’ lasts only until January 14th or that a certain brand of biscuits appears in 10% of all baskets on a Friday gives marketers a new capability to marry tactical activity to strategic goals,” says Graham Halling, Shopitize’s commercial director.  

Halling predicts that Shopitize analytics and insights will become a core part of its business very quickly as they become the go-to resource for brands in discovering and gauging UK consumers’ shopping choices and behaviour.

To find out more about Shopitize, read our interview with the company’s co-founder and managing director, Alexander Andriyanenko, here.