Apple Pay

Apple Pay Comes To The Pump

Chevron has announced via Twitter that it will be working with Apple Pay to make it possible for customers to use their smart devices to purchase gas at the pump as well as other gas station goods.

Chevron noted via social media that they are  “working alongside Apple to develop solutions to integrate with Apple Pay at the pump by early 2015.”  This announcement follows Disney's late last week that Disney World will not only be the happiest but most mobile place on Earth in early 2015 with an Apple Pay intergration, with Disneyland to follow later in the year.

Chevron and Texaco already accept Apple Pay in their gas stations’ convenience stores, but neither presently allow Apple Pay to get gas at the pump. That said, if Chevron is close to getting Apple Pay to work at the pump, we can’t imagine Texaco is too far behind, and giving Apple Pay the power to perform this critical task could go even further toward making it a regular part of iPhone users’ everyday lives.

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