Final Offers EMV With Enhanced Mobile Features

A pet peeve of many consumers is having to deal with fraudulent charges on a debit or credit card and ultimately having to cancel the card and signing up for a new one.

This week, Final debuted a credit card and mobile app that it says provides not only a better credit card experience but also a better way to protect accounts from fraudulent activity.

Final provides a physical card with chip & PIN security and gives users the ability to generate new credit card numbers with the iPhone app for both online and in store purchases.

Each unique, merchant-specific credit card number produced by Final can be used just once or they can be used consistently to allow ongoing charges. This feature aids Final in preventing fraudulent charges from occurring.

Final also uses the iPhone application to allow users to create monthly payment limits per merchant they purchase from. In the event that a merchant exceeds a custom-set limit, Final users will receive a push notification.

Users can also receive detailed budget breakdowns, allowing them to view their spending history. The service also allows users to receive real-time transaction receipts pushed to their iPhone. Users can set limits on spending based on their personal budget.

Final plans to implement a browser extension which will allow users to automatically generate a new number in one click and auto-fill payment fields on a merchant’s website.

Final also plans to work with NFC-based digital wallet services, though they did not specifically address the forthcoming Apple Pay service.

Final is now accepting signups for a beta test the company plans to launch in early 2015.