New Google Chrome Plugin Integrates Amazon, Dwolla

04 March 2014

Users of a new Google Chrome plugin called Zinc Save can make easy purchases on Amazon via their Dwolla account.

Zinc Save works by syncing a consumer’s Dwolla account with Amazon when they log in after downloading the plugin. This process facilitates simple payments and allows users to use their Dwolla account outside of brick-and-mortar merchants, the company said in a Feb. 28 blog post.

“Zinc Save guarantees you a better price on any purchase you make online. It’s like your shopaholic friend who has the best rewards cards, the one who finds the best promo codes and knows the right time to buy a product. Zinc Save let’s you do all of this automatically, quoting you a better price right when you’re checking out, without you doing any extra work,” Dwolla’s Ben Milne wrote.

Earlier this year, Dwolla announced that its customers in Iowa can use the service to pay their state fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees. Learn more about this partnership by clicking here.

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