New Tools Counter Shopping Cart Abandonment

Adobe has upgraded its shopping cart abandonment package to deliver realtime data and the ability to immediately reach out to that shopper. The earlier version had a 24-hour lag, according to a story in VentureBeat.

Interestingly enough, Adobe warns retailers to be cautious and to not use realtime alerts too readily.

Adobe product marketing director Kerry Reilly said merchants must avoid “the spookiness factor.” The story said this “happens when a shopper receives a ‘Don’t you want to buy this?’ message seconds or minutes after leaving without paying for the items in their cart. In other words, it’s the online marketing equivalent of stalking.”

Reilly said that an optimal time would be an hour later, but don’t wait much more than that. “Ninety percent of leads go cold after an hour,” she said.

Another new feature is called Contact Fatigue, which flags to the merchant how many times that user has been messaged.