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Starwood’s CEO Dumped His PC for an iPad

Turns out, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple isn’t the only one all pumped up about running a company on an iPad, Starwood Hotels CEO Frits Van Paasschen told WSJ that he’s officially dumped his PC and conducts all of his CEO duties via iPhone or iPad.

“I thought, you know what, I actually don’t use (my PC). I do all of my work via mobile so essentially my office is wherever I go, and I can be much more productive.” – Van Paasschen

Van Paasschen touted the limitations brought on by smaller devices actually encourage behavioral modifications that could ultimately increase overall productivity and efficiency.

Van Paasschen also went on to say that since meetings at Starwood are paperless, emails have become shorter. Van Paasschen also noted that when it comes to bulky spreadsheets, he simply won’t open them. “When I get the massive file, the first thing I’ll do is send it back and say tell me the key points that I actually need to understand.”

Van Paasschen also acknowledged that while all roles cannot be performed without the use of computer, one of his top execs, Chris Holdren, a senior VP, has followed van Paasschen’s footsteps by only utilizing an iPad for presentations. “Now I just use my iPad.” – Holdren​

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