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What Makes A Successful Global Process Owner?

Without a successful global process owner, companies could have trouble in several areas. Maintaining an accurate view of an organization’s spend process is just the tip of the iceberg. But how can these employees ensure success?

Tungsten Network and sharedserviceslink recently released a survey that showed what qualities are essential to global process owners. According to the results, only 26 percent of people in this role can fully enforce the process they are responsible for managing.

Moreover, the main goals for global process owners are to standardize processes, improve performance and support the business objectives. However, process owners need much greater influence over technology priorities, solution design and resources in order to properly support company objectives.

“Our findings underline the impact that fully supported and empowered GPOs are having in an organization,” said Edmund Truell, Group CEO at Tungsten Corporation. “With process standardization and improvement at the top of the agenda, it is no surprise that we support more and more global process owners.”

One area where the majority of respondents found to be lacking was in control over their company’s information technology budget.  Over half – 53 percent – said they have no authority over their IT budget.

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