Another Tech-Enhanced Lending Marketplace Launches

B2R Holdings is now — a rebranding that seeks to emphasize technology in the lending process across consumers and enterprises.

According to a Thursday (Oct. 15) press release, said that its platform has been in development for the past year and had initially been focused on rental finance, with what the company termed its “anchor tenants:” B2R Finance and Dwell Finance.’s platform has helped facilitate more than $1 billion in real estate finance loans, with zero delinquencies, the company said.

[bctt tweet=”The platform has been in development for the past year and had initially been focused on rental finance.”]

That technology has now broadened to allow multi-tenant architecture, with an eye on pushing a greater number of loans and an attendant focus on credit risk and operating efficiency.

In a statement that accompanied the announcement, Jason Hogg, the founder and chief executive officer of the company, said, “While we’ve all grown accustomed to hearing about the economic recovery and the cost of capital being at an all-time low, the reality is that lending remains constrained. Consumers’ access to credit is still fragmented, and banks are unable to adapt to this rapidly evolving landscape. In the last 24 months alone, a slew of new upstarts offering various degrees of sophistication and investor capital have emerged, claiming to address these issues. However, there is still no transformative technology platform — let alone one backed by a world-class sponsor — that can offer a faster, fairer, lower-friction lending experience for entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers — until now.”

Through the platform, partners can select from several options, including an origination engine, servicing and processing and capital markets access. For what the release termed “tech-heavy, capital-light” companies, there is $1 billion in lending capacity for approved financial products through warehouse partners that include Citibank, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs. Though the name and platform technologies have changed, the company said, the management team remains the same.

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