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ChangeTip’s New App Enables Bitcoin Tips

ChangeTip is changing the way micropayments are done — via mobile.

And now, it’s changing up the tipping scene some more with its new iOS app that allows a person to tip anyone around the world in either bitcoin or USD.

ChangeTip, a social tipping and micropayments platform, launched the new mobile app earlier this week (Nov. 2) to continue its mission of merging offline and online payments by enabling anyone with a phone number, email address, or a Facebook or Twitter account to both send and receive money using an app — and they can do so internationally.

As consumers around the world continue to gravitate toward being cashless, mobile applications have stepped in to solve one pain point of a cashless society: being able to make small payments to friends or make small payments for social causes while on the go.

The new app allows users to tip directly from the app, which is then conducted in real-time so the funds are sent and received between parties immediately.

The app can transfer funds via USD, or even bitcoin, and users’ accounts can seamlessly be topped off by mobile while on the go. The benefit from a bitcoin standpoint, of course, is that the money is moved quickly and cheaply between accounts. Bitcoin’s blockchain technology enables ChangeTip to allow for instant transactions between the two parties.

The iOS app is in addition to ChangeTip’s offerings on Reddit, Twitter, Github, Google Plus, SoundCloud, Slack and other sites, where the service allows users to provide small payments to content curators as a token of appreciation.

“We call ourselves the love button for the Internet,” CEO Nick Sullivan told Forbes. “When you see a YouTube video that makes an impact on your life, instead of just putting an up vote, you can share your appreciation with a coffee or a beer.”

And it’s all part of the mobile payments revolution.

“The future of finance is digital and mobile,” said Victoria van Eyk, head of community at ChangeTip. “The future of finance is about the transfer of true value between peers, internationally. Value transfer should be fast, inexpensive and fun.”

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