Cover Brings LA Diners Mobile Pay

Los Angeles is Covered.

Having already built a presence in New York and San Fransisco, the restaurant payments app Cover can now add the City of Angels to its list, according to Eater LA.

Cover debuted in L.A. on Thursday (March 26), counting such restaurants as Republique, Cliff’s Edge, Goldie’s, smoke.oil.salt, and Status Kuo among the first adopters of the app in that city.

Having launched in New York in 2013, Cover allows diners to automatically split the bill at participating restaurants, allowing for a hassle-free experience. For users of the free app, there’s not even a need to wait around for the bill at the end of a meal, and receipts are emailed automatically.

As Eater LA points out, Cover is incredibly popular in the cities where it has unveiled thus far, and has to date raised $7 million in funding.

When Cover co-founder Mark Egerman spoke to PYMNTS earlier this month, he asserted that what sets his product apart from other restaurant payment apps is that its “whole business is about the payment itself.”

Egerman went on to say, “There are some [consumer] diehards that use our products and effectively only use our product because they chose the restaurants purely on the basis of who accepts Cover. And, we do have an incredibly curated list in the cities where we operate. But we don’t go to restaurants with a claim we drive a substantial amount of volume. Instead what we say is that we elevate the service.”

If that level of service can bring Cover the success in Los Angeles that is found so far in New York and San Francisco, it very well may end up hanging around the city for a while.