Giveffect Shows The Profits In Non-Profit

The non-profit sector can yield high profits, if you know where to look. Giveffect, a startup launched in 2012, has figured out how to tap into a market that’s worth a surprising $300 billion every year in the U.S. alone.

Giveffect offers cloud-based software to meet the specific needs of non-profits. With accounting, CRM and donor tracking, and crowdfunding platform services, the firm recognizes that non-profits are increasingly turning to online and digital formats to seek out donations.

The firm also recognizes another crucial aspect of non-profits: their very nature often means tight budgets and limited resources to adapt to a new online market.

According to Giveffect co-founder Anisa Mirza – who knows a thing or two about non-profits, having worked in the industry before starting the firm with her two co-founders – the B2B software and services offered don’t cater to the specific needs of a non-profit company. The options, Mirza said, don’t often offer tracking, extracting and integration of information that non-profits use every day. And expensive customized software? Forget about it.

“We were inspired to create this to help clients in the online giving sector going through what I went through,” Mirza said of her own experiences. “What we are doing is really something that hasn’t been done before.”

It’s not just the non-profits that can benefit from Giveffect, either. According to Mirza, the platform offers services to churches’ and schools’ fundraising efforts as well, making Giveffect valuable to “basically anyone that runs online giving systems [and] needs a way of keeping and organizing their notes, taxes and CRM.”

On top of it all, Giveffect also offers online crowdfunding, ticket sales, rewards systems and online campaign resources, and backend software that manages loads of data and reports.

“There are so many disjointed systems,” Mirza said. “When we show our product to clients, their first reaction is almost always, ‘Oh my god! You mean I don’t have to do all this stuff anymore?’”


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