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Amazon Introduces AI-Powered Security Solution for Small Businesses

Amazon security device

Amazon has introduced a security solution designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The new Astro for Business combines robotics, smart security and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable customers to keep an eye on their business 24/7, even from home, Amazon said in a Wednesday (Nov. 15) press release.

Astro for Business utilizes intelligent motion and periscope cameras powered by AI technology, according to the release. This enables businesses to reduce blind spots and safeguard their inventory in spaces of up to 5,000 square feet.

The Astro app provides users with full control over privacy settings and allows them to monitor their business 24/7 through live view, remote control and two-way talk functionalities, the release said.

Currently, Astro for Business is only available in the United States, per the release.

Security is a challenge for business owners, with businesses losing $100 million in 2022, the release said, citing data from the National Retail Federation.

“But traditional security solutions can be too static or expensive for what businesses need,” Anthony Robson, head of product for Amazon Astro, said in the release. “We think Astro for Business can help with that.”

By providing visibility on blind spots and areas that can’t be seen by stationary cameras, Astro for Business assures business owners that their inventory and property are protected, Robson said.

To further enhance security, Amazon offers additional subscriptions that can be layered on top of Astro for Business, according to the release.

For example, Ring Protect Pro enables customers to save Astro for Business video history for up to 180 days and sync it with Ring Alarm for comprehensive alerts.

Another offering, Astro Secure, is specifically designed for business environments, allowing Astro to patrol autonomously and follow customized security monitoring routes.

A third additional subscription, Virtual Security Guard, offers professional monitoring services, with Rapid Response agents ready to respond to alerts and remotely investigate any potential threats.

Amazon introduced Astro as a home robot in September 2021, equipping it with the ability to monitor its environment, play music and serve home healthcare applications. The product was part of the company’s Day 1 Editions effort, which is an invitation-only program letting consumers sign up and try Astro and other smart home devices.