Lucova’s ‘Pay With Selfie’ Tech Expands

Lucova has secured another partner to expand its mobile payments footprint across college campuses.

The company announced that it has partnered with Fresh Ideas Food Management to launch a mobile app called FreshX, aimed at improving student’s dining experiences. This app will kick off its debut at Southwestern College in Kansas.

This app will also enable students to use Lucova’s “Pay With Your Selfie” mobile payments technology that allows for hands-free payments. The FreshX app can also help students skip out on long lines, and allow students to pay without even needing to pull out a wallet or smartphone.

The app securely stores meal cards, loyalty and rewards, and payment details. It also allows for students to pre-set their payment setting in order to be ready to pay-on-the-go using the selfie technology. It also allows for staff to have quick access to that student’s name, image and profile while going through the food establishment.

“We believe technology can enable better in-person human interactions, while solving for pain points customers face during transactions,” said Lucova’s CEO Amit Jhas.

FreshX is the Lucova’s latest white label product line for campuses, which is known as CampX. By using its proprietary Bluetooth technology, Lucova’s CampX aims to provide a more seamless transaction process for the college dining experience. The FreshX App is available for both iOS and Android.

The app also provides a data solution for the food services utilizing the payment option. 

FreshX offers back-office support with real-time data and analytics, along with ability to take action on the data using the platform’s instant mobile marketing campaign feature that is fully integrated into the point-of-sale workflow.


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