Survey: Mobile Untapped Resource In Omnichannel World

When it comes to retail customer service, the mobile side is an untapped resource, according to new data from an Econsultancy survey that looked at how retailers plan to alter their customer experience budgets.

The survey revealed that more than 80 percent of retailers plan on increasing their customer service budgets in one capacity or another, whether it be in brick-and-mortar stores or on their e-commerce channels. Retailers understand that to keep consumers happy, it’s more than just technology, it’s about delivering a full customer experience.

“Mastery of the customer experience is a challenge with many facets. Retailers are overwhelmed by the complexity of data, technology and understanding of the customer journey,” said Paige O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at SDL. “Our latest research indicates that North American retailers are acutely aware of their technological shortfalls when it comes to creating a seamless, personalized customer experience across multiple channels.”

So what’s driving retailers to spend more on customer experience? More competition, savvier consumers who demand more, and the increase of channels that consumers have to provide feedback on what customers actually want. One in three of the group of senior marketers surveyed said they planned on upping their budget in this area by more than 10 percent. Half of the retailers said they believe the customer experience is part of the company’s brand.

And here’s what the survey had to say about mobile customer experience: More than 50 percent say they have a strong understanding of the mobile user experience, but only 35 percent believe they can stand out with consumers using mobile as a mode to extend customer experience. But with an increasing number of shoppers turning to mobile, retailers do recognize they need to have more investments in the technology. Creating loyalty with the customer brand through mobile options is one way the Econsultancy data showed retailers could tap into mobile. Having a mobile-optimized site is key to reaching out to its consumer base.

“The research reveals that mobile has been a dominant priority for retailers across 2013 and 2014, and that investment has paid off,” according to the Econsultancy report.

Omnichannel also played an increasing role in the survey, as it was cited by 22 percent of marketers as being key to creating a seamless customer experience as well as a way to stand out to consumers. Still, a majority (54 percent) said their primary method of attracting new customers was still by offering new products; price was the second reason listed. After all, customer experience is the way to achieve higher profit.

“While many retailers view CX as a tool for higher conversion and retention, they don’t necessarily see the connection to acquisition. This is an important disconnect, and one that creates a competitive advantage for those focused on content and social marketing,” the report said.