‘Uber For Private Jets’ Booking Service Traveling To US

A new U.K.-based startup is propelling the “Uber for X” trend to new heights. According to reports, Victor is a new business that offers an on-demand jet charter service through its website.

The most financially secure consumers can visit Victor’s website to search and book flights via private jet. The service is available online and, starting Thursday (March 26), through its new app for iOS. According to reports, Victor just raised $8 million to expand its operations into the U.S., suggesting the service isn’t as frivolous as one may think.

The U.S. holds the world’s largest private aviation market, holding nearly half of the industry. Plus, Victor isn’t the only private charted jet booking service to emerge on the market. U.S.-based BlackJet may hold the title for most Uber-like private jet service, especially considering that one of its financial backers is Uber co-founder Garrett Camp.

BlackJet launched in 2012, but reports say it is unclear how successful the business has been since. Unnamed venture capitalists seem to have faith in Victor, however, with their latest multimillion dollar backing.

“I saw a gap in the market where consumers were being kept in the dark when it comes to jet charter,” Victor founder and CEO Clive Jackson told reporters at TechCrunch. “There is no disclosure, no transparency, and no regulation over what a middleman can mark up and no obligation to disclose or pass back any savings if the price comes down. This is an industry that is controlled by the middleman who acts as broker and market maker and who gets away with often highly excessive margins because they keep both parties (buyer and seller) separated at the end of a phone and in the dark.”



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