Today In Payments: Wirecard North America Business Entity Up For Sale; Uber Eyes Postmates Buy

Today in Payments

In today’s top news, Wirecard’s separate North America company is up for sale, and Uber is eyeing a Postmates acquisition. Plus, Stripe launched a customer billing portal and expanded payment options.

Wirecard North America Business Entity Up For Sale

Wirecard North America Inc., a separate company that is “substantially autonomous” from Wirecard AG, the German payment processing firm facing insolvency, is for sale, the company announced Monday night (June 29).

Uber Eyes Postmates Buy

Uber is negotiating to buy Postmates Inc. for $2.6 billion, according to sources. By joining forces and cutting costs, the companies could make the food delivery service profitable.

Stripe Rolls Out Customer Billing Portal, New Recurring Payment Options

Stripe is rolling out a pair of new products and changes aimed at helping customers manage subscriptions and increase their ability to pay with international bank debits.

Supreme Court Rules CFPB Structure Unconstitutional

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Monday (June 29) that the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is unconstitutional — although the Obama-era agency can continue if changed from its current form. The court ruled that the U.S. president has the power to remove a sitting CFPB director during the agency chief’s six-year term.

How 35 Payments Execs Are Powering The Great Digital Shift Of 2020 (And Beyond)

The pandemic may be here for a while. But bit by bit, economies are reopening and taking tentative steps toward normalcy. That includes the great digital shift of 2020 and beyond. We queried 35 payments executives about what’s happened in the past 12 weeks — and what will happen to keep the great digital leap in play. Here’s what they said.

New Report: Aiding Pandemic-Related Financial Hardships Key To Credit Union Member Loyalty

Serving credit union (CU) members during the pandemic means anticipating what their members need and offering the right products and services at the right place and time, says Krista Thompson, director of channel strategy and integration at Houston-based TDECU. In the latest Credit Union Tracker, Thompson discusses how delivering on that experience can help boost loyalty, while helping CU members weather pandemic-driven financial hardships.

Turning Streaming Into A Social Experience

The latest entrant into the world of share-streaming is Amazon, allowing up to 100 Prime members to simultaneously stream content with its Watch Party feature.