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LTK Launches AI Solution to Match Brands and Creators

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LTK announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence solution that helps brands find and cast creators for marketing campaigns.

The new LTK Match.AI also helps creators increase their visibility and elevate their earning potential, LTK said in a Tuesday (Dec. 12) press release.

“Our new AI software not only streamlines the process of casting creators but also significantly enhances the potential earnings and performance for both creators and brands,” LTK President and Co-founder Amber Venz Box said in the release.

The new AI software taps into LTK’s proprietary dataset of creator, brand and shopper data, across all publishing platforms, to match creators and brands to drive optimum results, according to the release.

Analyzing historical and real-time product performance data, LTK Match.AI looks at the products and product categories creators are promoting through LTK, determines which creators are effectively marketing products and brands to their communities, and offers personalized recommendations for brand-creator collaborations, the release said.

For brands, these recommendations help discover new creators and maximize the impact and reach of their influencer marketing campaigns, per the release. For creators, the AI software suggests collaborations with the best earnings outcomes and increases the opportunity to receive offers from new brands.

“LTK Match.AI is a major step in how we are developing AI and machine learning to advance the industry,” Box said in the release. “This isn’t just about making connections; it’s about crafting the future of digital marketing where every creator-brand match is a step toward greater success and impact.”

The new software joins the LTK platform that brings together creators in more than 150 countries and 7,000 brands, according to the release.

LTK facilitates the connection between brands and influencers, enabling the promotion and sale of products through various marketplaces, Kit Ulrich, general manager of creator shopping at LTK, told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in an interview posted in October.

“Our platform is completely built for all of the creators that we have on it,” Ulrich said at the time. “In fact, one of the reasons that I love — and we love — being at LTK is that we are all here at this company to help our creators make the most money possible.”

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