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Checkr Adds Payments and Onboarding Capabilities to HR Platform

HR and payroll on computer screen

Checkr added payments and onboarding capabilities to its human resources (HR) platform.

With the addition of the new Checkr Pay and Checkr Onboard to its existing background check capabilities, Checkr now facilitates three hiring processes on a single platform, the company said in a Tuesday (Dec. 12) press release.

The new tools also address the needs of today’s flexible and mobile-first workforce, according to the release.

“Pay and Onboard serve the increasing need for hiring infrastructure tailored to the flexible economy,” Checkr Co-founder and CEO Daniel Yanisse said in the release. “We are listening to our customers’ demands for solutions that make hiring and retaining talent a seamless process.”

The new Checkr Pay gives earners instant access to their earnings after a shift, provides organizations with interchange revenue sharing programs and shortfall support, and offers optional tax management, discounted 1099 filing and integrated benefits, according to the release.

The other new feature, Checkr Onboard, provides a unified onboarding process, automated reminders to guide new hires to complete their onboarding, and a variety of templated steps like signature collection, ID and document upload, and custom forms, the release said.

The Checkr platform now provides a centralized place for companies to screen potential hires, onboard them and ensure timely payment, per the release.

“Our vision at Checkr is to construct the building blocks of the future workforce,” Yanisse said in the release. “We’ve embarked on this journey by streamlining the entire process of hiring and retaining flexible workers on a global scale with our suite of embeddable products.”

PYMNTS Intelligence found that earned wage access (EWA) is a key way to improve employee loyalty.

Instant payroll has benefits for both employees and employers, as 60% of working Americans said they want their employers to give them access to wages each day, and 60% of corporates said that instant payroll helps with employee recruitment, according to “The Rise of Instant Payroll and Early-Access Compensation,” a PYMNTS and Ingo Money collaboration.

Background checks that are faster, easier and more compliant are another tool that helps companies recruit employees, Naeem Ishaq, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Checkr, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in May 2022.

“If the background check process is lengthy, difficult and confusing, applicants may give up and go elsewhere,” Ishaq said.