The Rise of Instant Payroll and Early-Access Compensation

All Else Equal, 75% of Millennials Would Favor Jobs Offering Instant Payroll With 96% of corporates that offer earned wage access saying it helps attract new talent, and 75% of millennials saying that it would influence their acceptance of a job offer, it’s obvious why almost two-thirds of employers see earned wage access as a low-cost tool for employee recruitment and retention. PYMNTS examines the trend in the latest issue of the “Money Mobility Tracker®,” a collaboration with Ingo Money.
Inside the July Tracker
  • Overall employee trust in a company tends to plummet when payroll’s punctuality or accuracy is called into question.
  • This month’s PYMNTS Intelligence examines the benefits of instant payroll systems for corporates as well as their employees and freelancers.
  • Hiring international workers can be very appealing to corporates, but it brings with it a variety of challenges, topped by high taxes.