How Instant Disbursements Could Drive Lenders' Growth

Lending Is Ripe for an Instant Disbursements Transformation

Instant disbursement adoption set new records in 2022 — except in lending, where two-thirds of FinTech FI customers would eagerly pay extra for instant disbursements. In the April “Money Mobility Tracker®,” a collaboration with Ingo Money, LendingClub’s Anuj Nayar explains how lenders looking to move toward faster loan disbursements can lean into AI for both speed and greater financial inclusion.

Inside the April Tracker
  • Lenders looking to move closer to instant disbursements can lean into AI for both speed and improved financial inclusion, says LendingClub financial health officer Anuj Nayar.
  • Member satisfaction with credit unions dipped in 2022, but lending is CUs’ superpower. A modern loan origination system could bring CUs back up to speed.
  • Instant disbursements are in demand in the lending space, but lenders — and borrowers — still cling to branches and legacy processes. Find out how FinTech partnerships can help.