The Healthcare Industry Needs a Dose of Money Mobility

Healthcare Payments Need a Dose of Money Mobility Faced with a legacy payment process filled with pain points, 42% of consumers would switch or already have switched healthcare providers for the speed and transparency of a digital payment experience — signaling the need for healthcare companies to improve their payments infrastructure. Learn more in the Money Mobility Tracker®,” a collaboration with Ingo Money.
Inside the June Tracker
  • PYMNTS found that 54% of consumers experienced at least one pain point during the healthcare payment process in the past year.
  • Health insurance company SIGNAL IDUNA released a virtual card for healthcare payments, while a PayGround-Collectyve Health partnership is helping healthcare companies with pricing requirements.
  • Seventy-nine percent of consumers want to pay all their medical bills through a single digital platform, and those who already do are highly satisfied.