Microsoft to Begin Rollout of AI-Powered Assistant Sept. 26

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Microsoft will launch Microsoft Copilot, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant, Sept. 26.

The rollout of the assistant, which is designed to transform how users interact with technology, will be part of a free update to Windows 11, the tech giant said in a Thursday (Sept. 21) blog post. It will continue in the fall across Bing, Edge and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

For enterprise customers, Microsoft 365 Copilot will be generally available Nov. 1. This AI assistant will change the way people work by providing insights and assistance through analyzing emails, meetings, chats, documents and web content, according to the post. Microsoft 365 Chat, a new experience in Microsoft 365 Copilot, goes beyond simple questions and answers to help users with complex or tedious tasks.

Microsoft said May 23 that it would be launching AI integrations across its full Windows 11 platform, including the firm’s most important software products, becoming the first PC platform to announce centralized AI assistance across its suite of consumer and enterprise software products.

This marks a major step in the go-to-market phase shift for generative AI, PYMNTS reported at the time.

Microsoft has already integrated AI-powered capabilities into products such as GitHub, Microsoft 365, Bing and Edge, providing personalized assistance to navigate tasks more efficiently, according to the Thursday blog post.

In the upcoming offerings, with the convergence of chat interfaces and large language models, Microsoft Copilot is incorporating the context and intelligence of the web, work data and current activities on users’ PCs, the post said.

The capabilities of Microsoft Copilot will continue to expand over time, with new features and connections being added to enhance its functionality across different applications, per the post. This aligns with Microsoft’s vision of creating a unified experience that works across all aspects of users’ lives.

The Windows 11 update brings over 150 new features, including the integration of Copilot into apps like Paint, Photos and Clipchamp, according to the post.

Microsoft is also enhancing Bing and Edge to redefine how users interact with the web, the post said. Bing will offer more personalized answers based on search history, a new AI-powered shopping experience and support for the latest DALL-E 3 model from OpenAI.

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