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Logility Adds GenAI Capabilities to Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Logility added generative artificial intelligence capabilities to its range of prescriptive supply chain planning solutions.

The company aims to use the technology to help enterprises to make faster decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the market, Logility said in a Tuesday (Feb. 6) press release.

“We’re entering a new era in supply chain management, where speed and precision are not just desired, they’re required,” Logility President Allan Dow said in the release.

Logility’s GenAI, built on an AI-native platform, is designed to help businesses navigate supply chain data, according to the release. It provides insights through a conversational interface accessible to anyone from any department. This eliminates the need for data collation and outdated dashboards, saving time for supply chain professionals.

The GenAI solution from Logility accelerates supply chain decision-making by giving teams access to information and increasing overall productivity, the release said. It acts as a liaison, bridging departmental silos, facilitating a shift from sequential processes to more fluid ones, and reducing decision latency.

Clients of Logility are using the AI-first data structure to gain explainability and insights from generative AI inquiries, per the release. The solution allows for the analysis of forecast changes using large language models while ensuring data security through Microsoft Azure.

Logility’s Digital Supply Chain Platform, integrated with AI and predictive analytics, delivers optimized demand, inventory, manufacturing and supply plans, according to the release. The cloud-based platform serves more than 650 clients in 80 countries.

Companies are easing supply chain pressures by using generative AI to perform a variety of tasks, including sourcing new supplies, finalizing contracts, and making sure they aren’t doing business with companies tied to environmental and human rights abuses.

In another recent development in the space, Blue Yonder said in December that it added generative AI capabilities to its range of supply chain solutions. For example, its Blue Yonder Orchestrator helps companies make sense of their data and use it to make decisions more quickly and intelligently.

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