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Blue Yonder Adds Generative AI Capability to Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain technology

Blue Yonder has added generative artificial intelligence (AI) capability to its range of supply chain solutions.

The new Blue Yonder Orchestrator helps companies make sense of their data and use it to make decisions more quickly and intelligently, the company said in a Tuesday (Dec. 12) press release.

“Blue Yonder Orchestrator helps companies bring value to their data, which is where many companies struggle,” Duncan Angove, CEO at Blue Yonder, said in the release. “It allows business users to quickly access recommendations, predictive insights and intelligent decisions to ensure they generate the best outcomes to impact their supply chain positively.”

With this new tool integrated into Blue Yonder’s Luminate Cognitive Platform, users can query Blue Yonder Orchestrator in everyday language, according to the release. The tool then pulls data from all relevant and permissible sources, serves up insights and recommends next steps.

For example, a planner can open a chat and enter the prompt: “Show me the sales actuals by quarter for 2023 and 2022,” according to a blog post on Blue Yonder’s website. Blue Yonder Orchestrator would then provide a summary of sales figures and insights like the high, low and average sales volumes.

Blue Yonder Orchestrator is trained on Blue Yonder’s supply chain intellectual property (IP), streamlines decision-making, and enables individual access based on user roles, permissions and context, according to the press release.

“Blue Yonder is embarking on an exciting journey, and our team will be there from the onset, working with customers to assist them and leveraging their experiences to help guide the roadmap,” Angove said in the release. “As we build trust with customers’ business teams, our customers will be given the option to grant Blue Yonder Orchestrator agency to automate routine decisions.”

PYMNTS Intelligence has found that retailers are leveraging generative AI to improve personalized shopping experiences and optimize supply chains.

Seventy-seven percent of retailers rank generative AI as the most impactful emerging technology, and brands are reassessing their strategies in response to the rise of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, according to “What Generative AI Has in Store for the Retail Industry,” a PYMNTS and AI-ID collaboration.