Comdata Brings Mobile Payments To Trucking

While the trucking industry is one the most mobile workforces in America (literally), it hasn’t been the first priority for digitization and mobilization by technology solutions companies.

Comdata, a leader in B2B payment innovation and fleet management solutions, just recently announced a revamped version of Comchek, a paper-based payment system for the trucking industry that has been used for more than 40 years.

Over one in three large fleets still use paper checks as their primary form of payment, according to research from Comdata. However, 80 percent indicated a preference for electronic payment. To meet this need, Comdata has released Comcheck Mobile, a mobile payment solution.

“We’ve seen rapid growth in electronic and peer-to-peer transactions throughout the global economy, as well as within the trucking industry itself,” said Greg Secord, president of North American Trucking at Comdata. “Comchek Mobile brings this modern functionality to our customers, giving them an easier way to send and use the funds they need, when they need them.”

Along with aiming to decrease the time it takes for managers to transfer funds to their truckers, the app-based Comchek Mobile brings P2P payment functionality and a PIN-secured debit card that links with the solution to grow driver access to liquid funds. Similar to a banking app, Comchek Mobile additionally enables users to check their balances and has a reporting feature for increased cash flow visibility.

The card and app can be used for point-of-sale purchases, ATM withdrawals, bank transfers and discounted fueling and hotel stays in Comdata’s network locations.

“Our objective in building a modern, automated payment experience for our customers is to make it easy to securely receive funds, manage balances and spend available balances,” Secord said. “As our industry evolves, Comdata will continue to innovate around ways to position brokers, fleets, drivers and independent owner/operators for success.”