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The ai Corporation Targets Issuers, Fuel Retailers With Fleet Solution

U.K.-based The ai Corporation (ai) has announced the launch of a fleet card solution, reports in Bobs Guide said on Thursday (March 8).

The ai Corporation said in a press release that it’s rolling out EazyFuel, a fuel card solution that targets card issuers and fuel retailers with its fraud management, processing and settlement solutions.

“EazyFuel has been developed specifically to meet the demands of tomorrow’s fuel and forecourt payments markets,” said Dr. Mark Goldspink, CEO of ai, in a statement.

The solution is built on the cloud and has integrated online and offline authorization and settlement features. The company has also added its fraud prevention technology for fuel retailers. Further, The ai Corporation added, its solution combines fleet card “issuing, acceptance, acquiring, switching, processing, risk and analytics” capabilities for fuel card providers, fuel retailers and fleet managers themselves.

“EazyFuel enables retailers and issuers to do what they do best — run their businesses with the confidence that their transactions are protected by a best-of-breed fraud prevention system,” Dr. Goldspink added. “Unlike other providers, ai’s goal is not to own end customers, but to support issuers and retailers in growing sales fast and at low cost.”

The ai Corporation added that it is hoping to apply lessons learned from corporate cloud payments to the fuel card processing market, using fraud and analytics to enhance security and efficiency.

“Why,” asked Dr. Goldspink, “in the market’s experience, has it taken so long to upgrade, replace or outsource a fuel card issuing platform?”

The U.K.’s fleet and fuel cards market is gearing up to embrace technological innovation, with the Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) recently championing the use of mobile payments in the fleet industry.

“This could be crucial in the provision of general ground transportation for employees on company business,” the ACFO wrote to the House of Commons Transport Committee earlier this year. “MaaS [Mobility as a Service] should be at the forefront of how businesses should be looking at travel to ensure they are using the best options for the journey, the environment, cost, safety and employee reasons.”



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