Comdata Links Fleet Drivers To Mobile Payments App

Comdata, a FLEETCOR company, is rolling out a mobile payments app for fleet drivers using its fleet card solution.

The company announced its new mobile app, the Comdata OnRoad App, on Monday (December 3), saying the solution will enable drivers to more easily access funds while on the road. The solution is linked to Comdata’s OnRoad Card, a multi-purpose fuel and driver-funds card for the fleet and transportation market.

The mobile app allows drivers to manage the funds they’ve received, view transaction history, and make payments straight from their mobile device via their OnRoad Card. Drivers can also manage and use their personal funds via the card, Comdata noted.

“Drivers and fleet owners are always looking for ways to improve their business processes and their bottom line,” said Comdata President of North American Trucking Greg Secord in a statement. “Solutions like the OnRoad mobile app offer users efficiencies in time-consuming administration functions, freeing them up to focus on growing their business.”

Earlier this year Comdata announced a partnership with Uber Freight to enable users of the Uber Freight mobile app access to fuel and maintenance discounts via the Uber Freight Fuel Card, powered by Comdata.

The company also recently added its Comchek Mobile service for the trucking industry, allowing trucking operations to digitize their payments for driver advances, vehicle repairs, settlement and other financial transactions. The solution is also tied to the firm’s Comchek Mobile debit card, allowing users to make point-of-sale purchases or withdraw from ATMs.

Beyond fleet, Comdata has also recently introduced new corporate payment solutions for the construction sector. Last month the firm revealed a collaboration with Computer Guidance Corpoation to integrate virtual card payments for the construction industry, enabling users of the Computer Guidance Corporation construction ERP solution to gain access to Comdata virtual card functionalities to pay their vendors from directly within the ERP platform.