Fishbowl Hooks Manufacturers With Free Inventory Solution

Retail Waste Backlash Boosts eCommerce

Fishbowl, a desktop manufacturing and warehouse management solution available through QuickBooks, wants to get its customers hooked on its inventory management solution by offering its basic service for free.

The company issued a press release Monday (June 18) announcing the launch of Boxstorm Forever Free, its digital inventory management platform aimed to eliminate manual intervention and spreadsheets for manufacturers. The company explained that Boxstorm Forever Free is the first tier of its inventory management tools, which become progressively more complex with added functionality designed to address changing demands of businesses as they grow.

“Many businesses may never need more than Boxstorm Forever Free and we’re OK with that,” said Fishbowl CEO John David King in a statement. “We understand the challenges small business owners go through.”

The solution can be used as a standalone platform or can be integrated into existing computing platforms. The solution supports scanning with industry-standard scanners and with mobile devices like iOS and Android.

The company also offers Boxstorm Basic, which adds sales process automation; Boxstorm Premium, which broadens automation capabilities with purchase and payment features; and Boxstorm Ultimate, which adds enhanced automation for more holistic operations.

As Fishbowl targets smaller firms’ inventory management needs, this area is proving to be a top focus among executives of large retailers as they work to boost margins in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Earlier this year, Neiman Marcus announced it would implement technology by Sky I.T. Group to enhance inventory management and boost visibility into sales. Walmart also revealed a recent focus on inventory management when reports surfaced that the retail giant filed a patent related to inventory management technology. The patent pertains to in-store trackers to determine inventory levels in real time. Nordstrom has also taken measures to more strategically manage inventory in order to boost sales.