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Amazon-Owned AbeBooks’ Online Bookselling Tool Fillz Is Shuttering

AbeBooks' Bookselling Tool Fillz Is Shuttering

Fillz, an online tool for booksellers, is shuttering after 16 years, according to reports.

Fillz is a division of AbeBooks, a company purchased by Amazon in 2008. AbeBooks acquired Fillz in 2006.

“We made this decision to focus more resources on developing tools and services for sellers on the AbeBooks marketplace. Fillz has been part of the AbeBooks community since 2006, so this was a difficult decision to make,” said AbeBooks’ Richard Davies. “We are taking steps to make it easier for sellers to transition to a new service, such as providing information about how to download inventory, order and invoice data.”

One bookseller shared the notice he got from the company informing them that Fillz would close on June 30, 2020.

“We realize Fillz is important to your business. Fillz will continue to operate as usual until the closure date, allowing as much time as possible for you to find a suitable replacement service and make the transition. No extensions will be allowed,” the notice said.

Fillz has provided sellers with a list of alternatives to manage inventory, order and invoice data, although it said: “We are not affiliated with these companies and it is your responsibility to determine whether one of them, or another option, is right for you.”

Many have grown to love and rely on the system; one person in particular was surprised about the closing and the lack of attention it was getting. “I am surprised that no-one is talking about Fillz closing its doors. One small mention (that I could find) on the Amazon boards. Were they really that unpopular? We loved them and have not yet found a suitable replacement,” the reader said.

AbeBooks seemed to understand the predicament it was putting some booksellers in, because it offered to cover one customer’s subscription to AbeBooks for three months.

“We realize that Fillz is important to your business and we will work to make any transitions as seamless as possible to ensure your continued success on AbeBooks. To help you during this transition period, we will credit you for three months of AbeBooks subscription fees, beginning November 2019,” the company wrote.


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