Barclays Enhances Biometric Authentication For Corporates

Barclays Enhances Biometric Authentication For Corporates

Barclays is collaborating with Hitachi on a biometric scanner designed to accelerate and boost the security of corporate transactions.

Planet Biometrics reported on Wednesday (Nov. 20) that its updated finger vein scanner, the Barclays Biometric Reader (BBR), which integrates Hitachi’s VeinID technology, will be deployed for corporate clients of Barclays’ Corporate Banking and Business Banking clients. The technology, which is billed as being more secure than fingerprint scanning, will enable corporate treasurers and other clients to complete banking transactions without having to input a password or PIN.

Barclays‘ BBR was first launched in 2015. The latest updates include its “Sign What You See” (SWYS) feature, which prompts users to describe the activity that must be authorized as another authentication measure. The financial institution also announced Bluetooth connectivity, which enables users to access the scanner without having to physically connect it to their computer. Hitachi’s technology has also made the scanner smaller, the companies noted.

Barclays’ corporate banking clients will be able to use the technology early next year.

“We’re committed to combating fraud. The new and improved Barclays Biometric Reader is much more portable and even more secure,” said Barclays Corporate Banking Head of Digital Banking Martin Runow in a statement. “Our clients are increasingly mobile, and the advances we’ve been able to introduce will allow them to securely manage their accounts wherever they are. This device aligns with our aim to redefine digital banking by putting client experience at the core of everything we do, making it easier for our corporate clients to run their business.”

In another statement, Ravi Ahluwalia, Hitachi Europe general manager in the security business group, said the upgrades represent “another milestone in our ongoing partnership with Barclays.”

“Both companies have worked together tirelessly to create this new device, and we are delighted that our innovative VeinID technology will continue to help Barclays corporate customers conduct their business, using the most secure and easy-to-use biometric authentication technology available in the market,” he said.