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Ideoclick Targets Amazon Supply Chain Defects

Technology and advisory company Ideoclick is rolling out a new solution aimed at addressing defects in the Amazon supply chain to help eliminate the risk of chargebacks. In a press release on Wednesday (April 24), Ideoclick announced its Supply Chain Compliance (SCC) solution, a combination of software and Amazon expertise to address inefficiencies and disputes in the Amazon supply chain, enabling businesses to lower their overall supply chain costs.

Ideoclick is targeting the friction linked to Amazon chargebacks, which are non-compliance fees Amazon charges as a result of supply chain defects, like technical errors or shipping and packaging mistakes. The cost of those fees can be passed on to end customers, and cut margins for vendors and Amazon itself, the company noted.

“The dynamic nature of the platform has already enabled us to identify, rectify and recover millions of dollars of defects and chargebacks on behalf of our clients,” said Ideoclick CEO Justin Leigh in a statement. “We are excited to offer this valuable service to our existing client base, as well as to external vendors that represent clients selling on Amazon.”

The company is connecting its customers to the tool, while other Amazon service providers can deploy the SCC service as well to analyze chargeback data for their own clients that use the Amazon seller’s platform. The tool connects users to a dashboard that lists supply chain defects and chargeback types, and offers them techniques to resolve disputes and address those issues. Supply Chain Compliance ultimately targets long-term solutions to avoid chargebacks in the future as well, Ideoclick noted.

Companies with high volumes of sales on Amazon are connected to SCC experts to manage this process, automate dispute resolution and analyze complex root causes of Amazon supply chain defects. Using Amazon data and Ideoclick analysis, users are presented with an initial overview of their supply chain defect cost profile that can assess up to three years of historical sales data.


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