Bora Eases Card Payments In AP For Western Alliance Clients

Bora Payment Systems, which works in business-to-business (B2B) payments, is providing a new tool that will let Western Alliance Bank’s Visa Commercial Card clients make vendor payments in an effective manner, according to an announcement on Wednesday (June 16).

Bora owns and runs the Payer Direct Hub (PDH), which harnesses established credit card networks to “push” payments to suppliers — the system can process single payments or take a batch file from accounts payable (AP) software — according to Bora’s site.

Michelle Lance, senior vice president, head of product management, Western Alliance Bank, said in the announcement that the bank’s customers desire the flexibility to make vendor payments with their Western Alliance Bank VISA Commercial Cards with an “easy setup and intuitive system.”

Lance says that Bora Payment Systems’ PDH satisfies this need without needing to be directly looped into their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

“This is another way we help our clients see real advances in their business and ensure they consistently benefit from effective technology,” Lance said in the announcement.

The commercial card customers of Western Alliance Bank will have the capacity to make invoice payments by the way of one web portal. This configuration decreases complexity and cost, while it also bolsters efficiency, according to the announcement.

Moreover, the inclusion of Visa pseudo account technology makes sure that the transactions are handled safely and with the least possible effort, according to the announcement.

“Bora’s relationship with Western Alliance Bank enhances the commercial payments leadership role of both firms, offering clients a way to improve efficiency through commercial card accounts payable automation,” Paul Musselman, vice president of sales, Bora Payment Systems, said in the announcement.

As PYMNTS previously noted, commercial card technology is still a key part of B2B payments digitization — and as more financial institutions (FIs) aim to help their corporate clients embrace digital payments, their corporate card offerings have had to step up to add value in new ways.