Today In B2B Payments: GUUD On FinTech’s Trade Finance Shortcomings; Chase Collaborates To Aid Restaurant Recovery

Restaurant Order

Today in B2B payments, GUUD explores FinTechs’ shortcomings in trade finance and Chase collaborates to support restaurants. Plus, CleverCards discusses virtual cards’ real-time opportunity, Frontline Managed Services acquires an eBilling firm and Stoke introduces support for global payroll.

Why FinTech Struggles To Combat The $1.5 Trillion Trade Finance Gap

Businesses Eye Virtual Cards As They Wait For Real-Time Rails

The U.S. lags behind other markets when it comes to real-time payments infrastructure and adoption. But CleverCards CEO and Founder Kealan Lennon says businesses paying employees, gig workers and vendors don’t have to wait, and can embrace technologies that are already widespread — virtual cards, email and mobile phones — to issue real-time payments.

Chase, Tock Join Forces To Help Recovering Restaurants

Frontline Managed Services Buys eBilling Provider For Law Firms

Frontline Managed Services, which provides administrative, financial and IT services to legal and professional services firms, has purchased outsourced eBilling and invoice service company InvoicePrep, according to a Thursday (July 15) announcement. InvoicePrep Founder and CEO Wayne Nykyforchyn said in the announcement that becoming a part of Frontline Managed Services lets the company “build on years of hard work to bring the best eBilling services to a large, global client base.”

Stoke Expands Payroll Tools To SMBs With Global Workforces

Freelance management system Stoke announced in a press release on Thursday (July 15) that it has extended its global payroll and compliance solution to international employees. “Expanding its platform to support international employees as well as non-payroll workers — which includes freelancers, independent contractors, consultants and agencies — Stoke is filling a newly developed market need by enabling companies to work more effectively with a global workforce that includes both freelancers and full-time employees,” the company said in the release.

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