Oro Debuts End-To-End Marketplace Platform

Oro, the business application company behind OroCommerce, has rolled out OroMarketplace, a new end-to-end marketplace platform to help drive B2B sales growth, a press release said on Thursday (April 29).

According to the release, OroMarketplace will come with out-of-the-box features for any marketplace category or function. It will help businesses get faster time-to-market results and integrate better with other eCommerce solutions and processes, with higher digitization and more personalized shopping options.

The release touts OroMarketplace as flexible so that it can support any size of business-to-business (B2B) market and letting sellers put in place B2B, business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-government (B2G), franchise network ordering, services procurement, bookings/appointments and physical goods marketplaces.

OroMarketplace is the next way the company is looking at providing B2B commerce companies with software that helps growth and aligns with their needs.

“Oro has always put customers’ needs first — that’s why we built the first open-source eCommerce platform designed specifically for B2B sellers, with native CRM [customer relationship management] capabilities and other features B2B customers so urgently needed. With OroMarketplace we’re serving customers’ needs by providing a native, feature-rich and versatile marketplace management solution,” said Yoav Kutner, CEO and co-founder of Oro. “Whether you’re already running marketplaces, looking to grow into new verticals or just getting started, OroMarketplace has the powerful functionalities you need to provide a seamless experience for customers, operators and sellers.”

Marketplaces now account for 62 percent of global web sales, and the release noted that OroMarketplace is already powering numerous companies including SupplyCore, the go-to supplier for U.S. military and government agencies, and FoodMaven, a produce marketplace bringing sustainability and agility to the U.S. food system.

Oro also recently upgraded its B2B software platform and made it quicker and easier to use, along with being easier to develop than the previous versions of the software.

The improvements included a revamped shopping list interface letting B2B buyers compile and review large orders, along with better back-office efficiency and more productivity for manufacturers and distributors.