Constructor Adds Product Discovery Tool to eCommerce Platform

Constructor Adds Product Discovery Tool to eCommerce Platform

Constructor has unveiled a new solution to optimize product discovery and search result relevance on its platform for enterprise eCommerce companies.

The new Attribute Enrichment combines raw product catalog data with buyers’ behavioral data to correct and auto-enrich product attributes, the firm said in a Wednesday (July 26) press release.

“Constructor helps eCommerce companies turn their websites and apps into personal shopping assistants, and our new Attribute Enrichment solution is an important part of this,” Constructor CEO Eli Finkelshteyn said in the release.

With Attribute Enrichment, eCommerce companies can ensure that their product catalogs are accurately classified and categorized, boost average order value and revenue per visitor by displaying the most attractive items to buyers, and improve customer satisfaction by providing shoppers and buyers with an improved product discovery experience, according to the release.

The solution employs artificial intelligence (AI)-powered methods such as machine vision to generate and associate new attributes with products based on customer behavior, improving product discoverability and relevance, the release said. On the business side, eCommerce companies can save time by bypassing the manual tasks associated with enriching and harmonizing, and increasing their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings with more accurate product descriptions.

“We want to guarantee we’ll give the most compelling results to our customers and their shoppers, even in cases where their product catalogs aren’t perfect,” Finkelshteyn said in the release.

Constructor aims to make the search and discovery process personal for both the retailer and its customer base by using data in a similar way to how Netflix and Spotify create recommendations, Finkelshteyn told PYMNTS in an interview posted in September 2021.

With every search, the searches get better and the AI learns how different types of customers shop, Finkelshteyn said at the time, adding that he wants to create as good a discovery experience online as exists at brick-and-mortar stores.

“Somebody’s going to figure that out, and as they figure it out, it’s going to give a much better experience for all retailers and for all users, and we’d like to be at the forefront of that,” Finkelshteyn said.

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