Shady Silk Road Investigator Arrested (Again)

Just when you thought the Silk Road case couldn’t possibly get any stranger than it already has been, the editorial gift that keeps on giving coughs up yet another weird detail.

It seems former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges has managed to get himself arrested again as he was trying to skip the country before turning himself in on a six-year jail sentence in connection to the Silk Road fiasco.

Bridges already confessed in August to pocketing hundreds of thousands in digital currency while working on the Silk Road case and was sentenced to 71 months in prison. He was scheduled to turn himself in on Friday (Jan. 29) to start serving that sentence, but it seems that perhaps he had some other ideas.

He was arrested in his home last week after he was found in possession of a bag containing his passport, records for offshore accounts, documents for his wife’s non-U.S. citizenship and many, many bulletproof vests. What exactly he was planning to do remains unknown, but it seems clear it involved being outside the U.S. and some fairly adventurous times.

What happens now is a little unclear, though it seems like his sentence might be getting an upward revision soon. He also will not have another chance to make a break for it; the judge in the case has denied his motion to voluntarily surrender.


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