Bitcoin Daily: Nodl Debuts Offering to Let Developing Countries Take Bitcoin

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Nodl, a hardware bitcoin node provider, has debuted a new node offering for merchants in developing countries, Bitcoin Magazine reported Wednesday (Dec. 1).

The product, called nodl light, is a Lightning Network node offering. Available early 2022, it will not only allow merchants to take bitcoin payments on Lightning, but will also reportedly let them keep total control of their wallets and keys.

In a statement, nodl called it a “novel, modular approach that highlights efforts made to bring bitcoin to a wider public while maintaining a strong focus on security.” Bitcoin Magazine notes that the product was spurred by El Salvador’s selection of bitcoin as a legal tender.

Nodl has wanted to make an “effortless” way for merchants in the country to make a way for merchants in that country to accept the digital asset as a payment in exchange for goods and services.

Meanwhile, Facebook is looking to make it less difficult to run a cryptocurrency ad on its platform, per a press release from parent company Meta.

The platform will now accept 27 different regulatory licenses for crypto ads, up from the three licenses it used to accept. The change comes as the crypto field keeps maturing and stabilizing, and has “seen more government regulations that are setting clearer rules for their industry.”

With the changes, the company says it will try and be more “equitable and transparent” in helping companies reach more customers.

This is a change from the old rules, in which advertisers were able to submit applications with additional information on their licenses, whether they were traded on public stock exchanges and any other relevant information.

As the crypto market has evolved in recent years and is faced with more regulation, this has added to the responsibilities and expectations for the industry.