Uber’s Instant Delivery Food Service Shutting Down In Some US Cities

Uber’s Instant Delivery food delivery service has shut down in Seattle and several other major cities in North America, according to a GeekWire report.

The delivery service first launched about a year ago as part of the Uber ride-hailing app that allowed customers to pick from a selection of lunch items from local restaurants in the area, which Uber guaranteed would be delivered in 10 minutes or less as drivers drove around with prepared meals in temperature-controlled containers.

Now, however, the Instant Delivery option on the UberEATS app appears to no longer be available, and Uber said it is choosing to focus on expanding its full restaurant delivery service at this time, which has delivered restaurant orders to more than 25,000 users since March

“Instant Delivery started as a proof of concept — if we could get a car to you in five minutes, what else could we deliver?” Uber said in a statement. “We started with speed and a limited selection of menu items. Since launching Instant Delivery, UberEATS has significantly expanded from allowing people in downtown to pick four to five meals during the lunch hour to offering thousands of items at all hours of the day and throughout the Puget Sound region. Our focus will remain on bringing customers an even better selection of on-demand meals, delivered as fast as possible.”

In addition to Seattle, GeekWire reported that Uber shut down its Instant Delivery service in San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto. It shut down its New York City version of Instant Delivery in April.


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