Wise Systems Launches Planning and Business Intelligence Tools for Last-Mile Delivery

Wise Systems has added planning and business intelligence tools to its delivery automation technology solutions.

One new tool for last-mile delivery operations facilitates territory planning and route building, while the other helps with delivery execution and performance analysis, Wise Systems said in a Monday (June 5) press release.

“The end-to-end delivery process is highly complex, requiring systems and applications that streamline and automate every step of the way, and that meet the unique needs of each operation,” Wise Systems Co-Founder and Head of Product Layla Shaikley said in the release. “Our goal is to offer a complete platform comprising best-in-class applications that serve the full delivery life cycle.”

The new Wise Systems Strategic Planner generates repeatable delivery schedules and territories that take into account current schedules and order volumes, historical ones and the conditions of drivers, vehicles and customers, according to the press release.

The second new product, Wise Systems Performance Manager, helps executives optimize route efficiency by analyzing factors like on-time delivery percentages and comparisons of planned and actual route performance, the release said.

“These new additions give customers the opportunity to manage their operations with the expanded Wise Systems portfolio of applications or integrate the specific modules that complement their existing systems,” Shaikley said in the release.

As PYMNTS reported in January, last-mile delivery is seeing increased competition from smaller players taking on rivals like UPS and FedEx.

Smaller regional and superregional carriers are taking advantage of new opportunities, while some major retailers like Walmart are expanding their logistics operations.

For retailers, last-mile delivery is the bridge that gets goods from distribution centers and warehouses to the end user’s doorstep and is what winds up cementing loyalty and intent to keep buying. Optimizing efficiency is critical.

Wise Systems’ addition of the new delivery automation solutions comes about three weeks after the firm announced an integration of its platform with IntelliShift’s telematics device data.

This integration creates a fleet intelligence platform for last-mile delivery that includes real-time status updates and on-demand dispatching.

“For last-mile operators, on-time performance, accuracy and reliability are paramount,” Wise Systems Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Erin Blair said at the time.