Chime, Nubank and Revolut Tie for No. 1 in Digital Banking Apps Provider Ranking

People can’t seem to decide which digital banking experience they like best, which would explain the tangle of tied scores and new or returning names to PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Digital Banking Apps.

It would also explain why there are currently 16 apps in a Top 10 ranking. Let’s have a look.

The Top 5

The tie at the top between Chime and Nubank continues, but it’s now one-third more interesting as the Revolut app moves up one chart position to form a 3-way tie.

Amid a field of gainers, Monzo moves up one chart position to take No. 2.

The Starling Bank app is also up one spot, moving to No. 3.

KOHO stands pat at No. 4.

Taking us out of the Top 5 is a newly formed tie between the Dave app, which was already there, and now joined by Empower entering the Top 5 at No. 5.

The Top 10

Enjoying all these tied scores? Good, because there’s another at No. 6 between Ally Bank, returning to the rankings like a rocket, and the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) app up one spot.

At No. 7, we’ve got the Up app, rising one chart position, which makes it 7-Up for you pun fans.

Another tie, you say? Yes, we do. At No. 8 this cycle Mashreq Neo gains two chart positions and joins N26 also rising a spot to meet at No. 8.

All by its lonesome at No, 9 is newcomer First Direct.

Our final tied score for the day is brought to us by the Liv. UAE app, dropping two spots, and now joined by the Current app, returning after an absence.