Revolut Rolls Out Latest App to 35 Million Global Accountholders

Revolut has launched the latest version of its app — Revolut 10 — for its more than 35 million global accountholders.

“You asked for all things money made easy, so we challenged ourselves to see how easy we could make Revolut 10,” the neobank said in a Tuesday (Oct. 10) blog post. “And we think you’ll find that it’s not only super smooth, and intuitive, but will also be your new favorite way to do money.”

Compared to the previous version, Revolut 10 features a new, simplified look that lets users view all their money on the home screen, according to the post. Users can also access all their main Revolut accounts, switching from one to another with a single tap.

Revolut 10 also offers the ability to personalize the app with custom backgrounds, widgets, themes and navigation, the post said. For example, users can choose a different background for each account, making it easier to tell one from another.

The latest version of Revolut also provides the ability to perform money-related tasks more quickly, per the post. These tasks include sending money, spending it and saving it.

The new version of the app is being rolled out gradually, so users might not see all these features right away, according to the blog post.

“Listening to our customers was key to Revolut 10,” Maria Herrera, head of product design at Revolut, said in the post. “My goal is making money streamlined and easy to manage for everyone, which means considering every pixel, swipe and tap along the way.”

Revolut’s number of accountholders — 35 million — is up from the 30 million the company reported on June 1 and the 25 million it had in November 2022.

The app is also tied with Chime for the No. 1 spot in the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Digital Banking Apps. Both Revolut and Chime earned the perfect score of 100 in the latest ranking, which was reported Sept. 25.

In other recent news around the app, Revolut announced in July that it is now offering accounts to non-United States citizens lawfully in the country, who do not have a Social Security Number or individual taxpayer identification number. With this extended availability, the digital banking app can serve people who are in the U.S. on some sort of visa.