Amazon Testing Instant Review Feature

Amazon Testing Instant Review Feature

Amazon is testing an easier way for customers to leave feedback on purchased items, according to a report.

Normally, when someone wants to rate an item, they have to fill out additional information, like a review title and/or written review. The new pilot program debuts one-tap ratings, meant for people who don’t have time or don’t want to write out an actual review of a product.

“We are testing a feature that allows customers to leave feedback easily while also helping shoppers get authentic customer ratings on products from a broader set of shoppers,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

The one-tap reviews will be accessible from a number of places, including the “Your Orders” page, on product pages or by responding to a query from Amazon when a customer logs in. To review, the customer simply clicks on a star and then a green check confirms the choice. There is also the option to come back later to write out a review or add a photo or video.

The new move could potentially result in more accurate ratings, as it has been a challenge to get a real consensus of customers’ impressions of products due to the fact that most people don’t like to leave reviews.

There are also companies that pay to boost reviews, though Amazon has been cracking down on that with lawsuits, fines and suspensions. Amazon has never really been able to fully get rid of scammers, but the new endeavor shows that it’s aware of the problem, and it’s making moves to do something about it.

The one-tap reviews will be tested online and on mobile apps. Amazon stressed that the new feature is not yet a permanent fixture.



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